Books And Endings

Every sad, painful and heart dropping book’s page keeps on turning hoping the end would make everything alright. It’s true because end really does make everything all right,maybe a few sacrifices here and there and a few regrets but somewhere it gives us satisfaction.
“I wish it to be the same with life,” was the thought that crossed my mind while I was at the tip of realizing that I tell myself at every uncomfortable point in a book that “it’s all gonna end happily,” Everyday is a mystery and everyday introduce another universe of issues and problems but if we know, like in our loved books, the ending’s gonna set everything in place, maybe life could have had some real motivational side, not like I’m not motivated to live but we all have downfalls, especially teenagers, my kind, and somewhere we all feel insecure and as Justin Bieber says “life is worth living,” you’ll know it really is.

Maybe we don’t know if the end will make everything good but we do know at some point in our lives, when we look back upon everything with a not-so-deep-in thoughts or without over thinking, everything really is fine. It’s just life, nothing unusual, nothing that makes us any different than all the others out there. And in that movement when you look back on your whole life and realize there’s no problem with you, That! That is your ending and even if the next day brings you new insecurities, that’s your sequel. Which too will end and pave a path for another story.